Department of Education Launching Probe into Pay to Learn Scandal

Eight universities will be investigated into whether they violated any rules or regulations “governing the Federal student financial aid programs” or “any other applicable laws,” in connection with the recently uncovered college admissions and bribery scandal. If the investigation reveals any such violations the schools in question could be subject to fines, and in the […]


Trump Exerts Veto Power Over Congress for First Time Since His Election

Last Friday President Donald Trump signed his first veto since coming to office in January 2017. Congress had voted to block Trump’s call for a national emergency in order to release funds for his promised border wall, and Trump came back to block the block with his presidential veto power. “Consistent with the law and […]


Republicans Using Fake Number to De-Legitimize Green New Deal

As Congress begins to address climate change and its dangers with the Democratic call to action called the Green New Deal, Republicans are fighting back with what can be called “highly inaccurate” and misleading statements about the cost of implementing such a deal. Not really a plan, but just a non-binding resolution, the Green New […]

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House Passes Strictest Gun Control Legislation in Recent Memory

The House passed a bill which will allow background checks to take place beyond the present three day maximum to as much as 20 days if that much time is needed to complete the process. As the Federal law stands now, if a background check is not completed, for whatever reason, within three days, the […]