Can Rev. Faulkner Catch Rangel?

Michael FaulknerWhen one looks at the congressional district that Charlie Rangel has represented for the last 40 years, the 15th Congressional District in New York, seems an improbable place for an upset, yet 2010 is no normal year and Rev. Michel J. Faulkner is no normal challenger.  Rev. Michael Faulkner, an evangelical Christian, spent one year in the NFL in 1981 has spent time pushing a conservative agenda.  It is morality which drives him to unseat Charlie Rangel. “I’m running to restore dignity,”  Faulkner said. He believes Rangel has lost his moral compass.It is with a sense of conviction that Rev. Michael Faulkner tries to play catch up with the incumbent and yet despite all odds he believes he can swing support his way. According to the New York Times:Mr. Faulkner has credibility in Harlem for his work as a minister with the poor and needy. He blames Democrats for their plight. He uses words like revolution and liberation when he speaks of “freeing” black people from the shackles of the Democratic Party.“I’d rather have an upfront racist than a political racist, a liberal racist,” Mr. Faulkner said, referring to criticism that the Republican Party does not represent the interests of black Americans. “After all that black people have been through and survived, do we need some white folks to take care of us?”“The Republicans say, We owe you nothing,” he added. “You want it, go get it for yourself. Work for it.”Despite the loudness of Faulkner’s campaign rhetoric there is still a question, not if Michael Faulkner is ready for change, whether the people NY Congressional District 15 are ready for change.

Dan Kazan

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