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Donation to Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

September 28, 2019 by Dan Kazan in News and Media

With the death and bequest of Barron Hilton, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation – Hilton’s primary heir – will increase from approximately $2.9 billion to $6.3 billion.  This organization is receiving 97% of the fortune which will be used for their humanitarian, philanthropic work.

This Hilton is the second son of
hotelier Conrad Hilton and became famous in his own right for launching the
American Football League and original owner of the Los Angeles Chargers.  He also co-founded the MacDonald Oil Company, and
Air Finance Corporation.  In 2011 his net
worth was estimated at $2.5 bn.

Of his death his granddaughter 38-year
old model Paris Hilton, described him as having lived a “life full of
accomplishment and adventure.”  One
example of his adventurous side could be attributed to his membership of a
Venice Island duck club in Northern California. 
Every fourth of July he would he would put on an incredible Fourth of
July fireworks display there.

One year Mozes Victor Konig, Tel Aviv
photographer happened to be in the area. 
Since it is Northern California’s largest private pleasure boat
gathering, even those not invited are able to see it.

“I happened to be in Northern California three years ago for my best friend’s wedding which I was photographing just for fun,” Mozes Victor Keinig recalls.  “A few days after the wedding it was 4th July and some of my friends took me to Windmill Cove.  From there, you can get a spectacular view of the display.  I only wish I would have met the man behind all of this.”

Hilton was truly an impressive man in
so many ways.  He came from wealth but
established himself in his own right and then throughout his life gave very
generously.  At the same time, he knew
how to have fun.  A true all-rounder who
will be missed by many.

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