Watch Out Republicans, Here Come the Hispanics

The latest Census Bureau report doesn’t bode well for the Republican Party. While White Americans are still a majority in the United States, they are very quickly being overtaken by Hispanics. And this may not bode well for the Republicans.

Hispanics On The Rise

In the last decade alone, the Hispanic population in America has grown 43 times faster than has the non-Hispanic white population. There are now approximately 50 million Hispanics in America.White Americans are still the majority in the United States, but they’re rapidly being overtaken by Hispanics, according to the latest Census Bureau report, and this could have important political ramifications.

Wake Up Republicans

What does this have to do with Republicans? Hispanics tend to vote disproportionately Democratic. Their population growth could give President Obama a critical edge in his reelection chances. This is particularly true in battleground locations with large, and growing, Hispanic populations like Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico and Nevada.As Matt Barreto, a political scientist at the University of Washington, Seattle explained, “It’s a huge problem not only in 2012, but an even bigger problem in 2016 and 2020. By then, it’s devastating to the Republican Party.”

Danielle Stoneman

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