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Romney Unveiling First Television Ad of His Campaign

November 22, 2011 by Dan Kazan in Politics

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is about to unleash his first television ad in New Hampshire today. The timing is, of course, set for the debut to be just as Obama touches down in the state. In the commercial, Obama’s promises as a candidate are shown alongside economic statistics that show how far he is from those goals.

Pledging a Better Tomorrow

And, of course, Romney then pledges a better tomorrow. As he says in the ad,

“I’m going to do something to government.” He continues by promising to repeal the Democrats’ health care changes that he says are “killing jobs.”

The ad is 60 seconds long and will run through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend; it comes at a cost of $134,000.

Introducing the Ad

Introducing the ad on Monday evening on Fox News Channel, Romney explained,

“The contrast between what he said and what he did is so stark, people will recognize we really do need to have someone new lead this country.”

Time will tell what type of impact this ad, and the many that will undoubtedly follow, will have on the campaign and on Romney’s chances.

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