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Trump’s Abortion Views Anger Anti-Abortion Activists

Those who think Donald Trump’s natural constituency is the right and far-right will have to re-evaluate their opinion in light of Trump’s stand on abortion rights. Although Trump formerly took a pro-choice stand on abortion, his campaign to win the votes of conservatives forced him to oppose the procedure that has been legal in the […]

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Texas Abortion Law Ruled Unconstitutional

In a move that Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis called “a victory for women’s health care,” a federal judge concluded that a Texas law which would have closed a majority of Texas abortion clinics unconstitutional. The new legislation, which was scheduled to go into effect this Monday, required that abortion clinics meet the same building […]


Abortion Platforms Questioned on Both Sides of Fence

Here is something uniting both Democrats and Republicans.  People are unimpressed with the official platform on abortion offered up by both parties.  The Republican party has taken heat for opposing all procedures without including obvious exceptions for rape, incest and the mother’s life. Now, Democrats are taking equal heat for supporting a woman’s “right” to […]

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Janet Howell Helps Kill Probing Ultrasound Anti-Abortion Bill in Virginia

Only last week Virginia’s proposed legislation to require women seeking an abortion to first undergo an ultrasound seemed like it was on the fast track to becoming law. What proponents of the law did not realize when they began the process of legislating this contentious anti-abortion bill is the fact that the type of ultrasound […]