Climate Change Report Met with Scepticism

A new US government report concluded that global temperatures rose to the highest level witnessed by modern civilization as a result of human activity. The report is in contrast with and contradicts the approach of the present White House which has stated repeatedly that modern climate change data are either a hoax or based on […]

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Trump Calls CNN Reporter “Fake News”

Last week President Donald Trump promised reporters that he would hold a “pretty big” news conference when he returned to Washington, DC after his “working vacation” at a golf course in New Jersey. Trump made the promise last Friday, saying that he would hold the news conference when he announced a call for an investigation […]


CNN Refuses to Run White House Ad Extolling the Virtues of the “First 100 Days” of Trump’s Presidency

Cable News Network said no to airing an advertisement from President Donald Trump’s campaign, explaining that the ad included a graphic labeling the establishment news media as “fake news.” The Trump campaign committee vilified CNN for declining to run the ad. “It is absolutely shameful to see the media blocking the positive message that President […]

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All Eyes on Treasury Appointments

All eyes are certainly on Washington at the moment as confirmations and political appointments are under way. At the moment, the new Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (who was confirmed yesterday) is considering who to tap for the senior roles in his department. James Donovan is being considered for deputy Treasury Secretary, according to those in […]