Twitter Just May Save You Medical Costs

A fascinating new report from the Healthcare Performance Management Institute is looking at how organizations use social networking to better manage their healthcare outcomes – while simultaneously reducing their operating costs.  Entitled, “HPM in the Era of Twitter: Harnessing the Social Networking Phenomenon,” the report examines how organizations can best use HPM technology to connect plan sponsors, members and the provider community in cost-effective ways.As Henry Cha, CEO of Healthcare Interactive explains, “Technology providers and healthcare performance management companies recognize the transformational capability of these trends and are working to support them.”The overall goal with this report, and with the use of social networking tools such as Twitter, is to promote employee wellness while eliminating waste and reducing extra medical-benefit costs.  Social networking tools like Twitter are doing so because HPM technology allows plan sponsors to receive and evaluate medical and pharmacy claims data in a HIPAA-complaint way.  In addition, the online healthcare social network allows employees to communicate in an easy, secure way with their care providers.  This allows both employers and employees to save significant amounts of money while also improving the health of plan members.

Dan Kazan

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