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Wisconsin’s Democrats Still Absent, Refusing to Vote

February 28, 2011 by Danielle Stoneman in News and Media, Politics

Fourteen of Wisconsin’s state senate Democrats left the state in order to prevent a vote on a notice that would limit shared bargaining for municipal workers. Now, a spokesman had revealed that they have no plans to come back on Sunday.“I think obviously people would like to move forward with this and find an agreement that protects workers’ rights and balances the budget,” explained Mike Browne, spokesman for Democratic state senate minority leader Mark Miller. When asked about the Democrats return, Browne said “Not today.”In an interview at “Meet the Press,” Republican Gov. Scott Walker explained that the limits on collective bargaining are needed in order to deal with the state’s budget deficit. He declared that the Democrats should return to debate and vote.Browne said “there’s an opportunity to find an agreement.” He added that it “will require the Republican leadership and governor to come to the table. That’s what the Democrats continue to ask for.”

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