3D Mammography Bus Comes to Capitol Hill

If you were milling around the Capitol on Tuesday, you just might have caught a glimpse of the 3D mammography bus touring Washington D.C. Near the steps of the Capitol, the large pink bus stopped right by Capitol Hill to show off one of the most important breakthroughs that breast cancer detection has seen in the last 30 years.

3D mammography is fast becoming available to women around the country, as it’s showing amazing results for breast cancer screening and for detecting breast cancer. Hologic, a company that specializes in screening, diagnosing and imaging tools for women’s health, is leading the tour and showing the 3D mammography tools to health professionals around the country. Their technology was already approved by the FDA last year and is available in the Washington area at the moment with Washington Radiology. Unfortunately, it’s not yet covered by insurance and is only available at an extra cost to patients.

As Edward Lipsit, MD, the President of Washington Radiology Associates explained,

“It’s resulting in increased breast cancer detection rates, decrease in the need to call patients back for additional imaging.”

Dr. Lipsit adds, “We’ve performed nearly 25,000 examinations at 6 clinical sites and at present we are the largest provider of 3D mammography in the world.”

The van was on display for the day so that members of Congress, staff members and health professionals could see first-hand how the 3D mammogram works and could meet with physicians using 3D mammograms for breast cancer screening and detection purposes.

Hologic’s 3D mammogram bus is heading to New York next to be on display near the New York Stock Exchange.

Dan Kazan

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