“Dream Act” Passage by the House

The “Dream Act,” a controversial bill that would provide a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants passed by the House of Representatives with a vote of 216 to 198.The legislation would offer legal residency status to individuals who were younger than sixteen when they arrived in the U.S., who then graduate from high school, complete two years of college or military service, and have no criminal record.President Obama, who promised comprehensive immigration reform as part of his 2008 presidential campaign, supported the bill, saying that “this vote is not only the right thing to do for a group of talented young people who seeks to serve a country they know as their own… but it is the right thing for the United States of America.”But Republicans opposed the bill as “nothing more than mass amnesty that will undoubtedly encourage millions more to illegally immigrate into our country,” Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher said in a stated to the House.A slight variation of the bill now goes before the Senate, where it seems unlikely to pass.

Janice Marks

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