Giants Heading to the White House

If you’re a Giants fan, you’ll be happy to hear that President Barack Obama will soon be hosting them at the White House. Monday they’ll be coming to the White House to celebrate the 2010 World Series victory.

Excitement for Players

As outfielder Cody Ross said, “Almost as soon as the last out of the World Series was made, the thought crossed my mind, ‘Wow, we get to go to the White House, shake the president’s hand and present him with a jersey.’ It’s been a long time coming, and I think everybody’s excited. It’s the last thing we have to do to finally seal the 2010 season.”D.C. native Emmanuel Burriss is also very excited about it. As he said,

“I went there as a kid, and I went there with some teammates back in 2009. But it’s different this time because the president will be there and we get to meet him.”

Praise for Win

So next Monday, the Giants will be welcomed into the White House to enjoy praise for their first World Series title since their franchise moved West in 1958.As manager Bruce Bochy explained, “It’s going to be very special. I’m certainly looking forward to it. The guys can spend some time there and get a chance to meet the president, which is always an honor. It’s going to be a thrill for everybody.”Let’s hope Brian Wilson can wear something respectable this time!

Danielle Stoneman

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