Businessmen Partner with AEI to Establish Economic Policy

American businessmen and academics, including James Donovan Goldman Sachs, Martin Gross Sandalwood Associates and Daniel Loeb Third Point, are involved in helping establish economic policy and strategies through a unique think tank headquartered in Washington, DC.

That think tank is the American Enterprise Institute, founded as the American Enterprise Association in 1938 by a group of business leaders during World War II in New York City. The AEA arrived in Washington DC to advocate the economic demobilization of wartime price and production controls which the government had considered leaving in place at the conclusion of the war.

In response to the rapid growth of the federal government both in size and power the AEI became one of the first ‘think tanks’ to develop policy guidelines for the government. In addition the government was overseeing the move of business and trade associations from the developed urban business centers to the capital of the country, Washington, DC, a development of crucial importance to the AEI.

Today the American Enterprise Institute is dedicated to expanding freedom, supporting individual opportunity and empowering free enterprise. In order to achieve this goal the Institute has assembled a group of scholars and other supporters who engage in independent thinking, open debate and discovering and disseminating facts so that liberty can be pursued.

American Enterprise Institute Leaders
American Enterprise Institute Leaders

In Washington DC there are approximately 185 who work at AEI’s headquarters. The Institute also has about 50 adjunct scholars and fellows. These scholars are mostly found in the country’s research universities where they conduct their investigations on behalf of AEI and contribute to conferences sponsored by the Institute.

In addition the AEI has a National Council comprised of leaders in the business and non-profit community. These leaders are committed to the values of AEI as well as its success. The National Council acts as ambassadors for AEI, providing insight, advice and guidance while AEI does outreach around the country. Among the many members of the National Council are Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs, Martin Gross Sandalwood Associates and Daniel Loeb Third Point.

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