Migraine Headache Triggers

Anyone who has ever had a migraine can tell you how debilitating they are.  Migraines are caused in part by changes in the serotonin levels in the brain.  When your serotonin levels are low, the blood vessels dilate (swell) and this can cause pain and discomfort.There are many ways to try to deal with migraines before they even happen.  First of all, it’s important to seek out help from a pain management specialist like Dr. Andrew Fischer, Dr. Barbara Cohen or Dr. Harvey Finkelstein.  A specialist of this sort can offer prescription medicine and can recommend preventative measures.  Doctors like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein see chronic pain patients such as those with chronic migraines, and they offer many solutions to the issues.Foods can play a part in triggering migraines, and migraine sufferers should be very careful about avoiding certain foods.  These foods include: Aspartame, caffeine, chocolate, cultured dairy products, aged or processed meats, aged cheese, alcoholic beverages and many others.  Look for a comprehensive list and start to pay attention if your migraines come on after eating something from the list.Similarly, certain environmental factors tend to trigger migraines.  These include strong or unusual odors, changes in the weather, stress, a change in sleep patterns, fasting, menstrual cycles, intense physical activity, smoking and fumes.Start to pay attention to what triggers your migraines and you might be able to solve your problem without medication. Certainly, if you need medical help, pain specialists like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein are adept at offering advice and solutions to migraine sufferers.

Janice Marks

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