NASCAR Takes Center Stage at The White House

President Obama was busy yesterday with an important task – meeting with eight NASCAR drivers at the White House. Both to pay honor to the sport and to recognize their five-time championship, President Obama met with Jeff Burton, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Denny Hamlin, Matt Kenseth, Kurt Busch and Clint Bowyer.

Sense of Humor for Obama

Obama showed a sense of humor when he addressed the group. Explaining that he’s not allowed to drive much these days, he pointed out that he does get to drive his golf cart around Camp David. Charming the group, he commented that his golf cart is called “Golf Cart One.”He compared NASCAR to the presidency as he said,

“NASCAR is a sport where anything that can go wrong will go wrong at some point during the season — similar to being President. That’s true even for the best drivers. And with so much extraordinary talent going bumper-to-bumper in every race, just making the Chase is hard enough — let alone winning the whole thing.”

Focus on Jimmie Johnson

He focused on Jimmie Johnson’s accomplishments, saying that he’s “one of the best drivers of all time” which is quite an accomplishment “for the son of a machine operator and a school bus driver who still has plenty of seasons ahead of him.”

Focus on Military Families

Obama managed, of course, to weave in some of his other goals while addressing the group. He explained that NASCAR is important to so many, including “our troops and their families.” He said that the military families are huge fans of NASCAR and he thanked them for what they do for these families.As Obama explained,

“Last month, drivers and staff toured Walter Reed Hospital and served dinner to 400 wounded warriors and their loved ones. NASCAR has been a huge supporter of the Joining Forces program that Michelle and Dr. Jill Biden have set up to support military families.”

At the end of the ceremony, Johnson presented a pair of gloves which had been used for a race to the president. Obama told Johnson that he would use them while driving his golf cart.

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