No Thanks Says Glendale to Kim Kardashian

Sure, some famous people have taken on political positions and have worked to make a name for themselves in these arenas.  Typically, however, they have more of a resume than the fact that they love hearing themselves talk.  Since that's all that Kim Kardashian has going for her, it will come as quite a surprise if she manages to live up to her latest pledge.

Recently, in a YouTube video of an unaired outtake from the reality show Khloe and Lamar, Kardashian said that she would like to be the major of Glendale in "like, five years."  Why would she like this honor? Because Glendale "is, like, Armenian town."

Now isn't that sweet of her. For the good of the people, she wants to become mayor of Glendale.  The advent of reality television has certainly done more to damage the creative field of drama and acting than any other advent.  Today's reality stars believe that they can do anything, and as long as their follows keep following them, their attention-crazed need is filled.

Kardashian has certainly taken some justified heat for her latest declaration. First, it would have been nice if she'd done a bit of research, since Glendale doesn't actually have a mayor. Rather, they have a five member city council that takes turns serving as mayor based on appointments for a single-year term on a rotating basis.  With that little glitch taken into account, there are just a few other reasons that her desire is misplaced.

As Gary Woodward, professor of communication students at The College of New Jersey in Ewing explained,

“What seems to be happening at every level of government, from the Senate on down to the office of mayor in Glendale, is that people are seeking public office more as a way to establish identity than to actually do the difficult work of governance. They are forgetting that public service is about governing and governing is a talent in and of itself. It requires skills in compromise and working with others to come up with something that benefits the public good."

Unlike the la-la land where such reality stars appear to live, the people of Glendale (or any town for that matter) are actual hardworking people  who want the best for their communities.  As Glendale city clerk Ardy Kassakhian said,

“The people of this city are very well-informed and pay close attention to local politics. This is not a place for someone who hasn’t done their homework."


Dan Kazan

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