Obama Chasing Women: Enticing their Vote on the Western Campaign Trail

President Obama is heading west in pursuit of the women’s vote. Incumbent Democratic candidate for Senator of California Barbara Boxer will host President Obama, whose help she can most assuredly use in her bid to retain her seat in the Senate.Part of the strategy to support Boxer’s race will be to rally women voters to the polls in response to the release of a report prepared by the White House on women and the economy. The report will apparently reveal the positive effects the Democratic programs initiated by the White House, such as their small business lending programs, consumer protections, Financial Reform bill and tax cuts have had on women over the past few years.Jen Psaki, the White House deputy communications director, said that “if Republicans in Congress have their way, the millions of women who will benefit from our programs [and which] have helped them through a challenging economic time would be left without these benefits.”Psaki added that “there is an important choice for women in this country to make about whether that is the direction they want the country to move in.”President Obama will base his push for women to support the Democratic cause by citing such legislation as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first law that Obama signed as President and his continuing efforts to pass through Congress the Paycheck Fairness Act. According to Obama this type of advocacy proves that the Democrats are the better choice for women.Before Obama’s stop in California he will first head to Seattle where he will host a fundraising dinner for Patty Murray, another incumbent woman senator from Washington. Murray needs all the help she can get. The latest CNN/Time poll shows her lagging behind her challenger Republican Dino Rossi, by a margin of 51-43. After Seattle Obama will be heading to Los Angeles to a fundraiser for Boxer, whose campaign is being subjected to a mighty challenge by the former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who, the last time I looked, was also a woman.

Alyssa Anderson

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