Ofer Brothers Increasing Ecological Awareness

The Ofer Brothers have been taking significant steps in an attempt to “reduce waste and pollutants in the workplace while raising ecological awareness among individual personnel.” Perhaps America – should it be trying to focus on becoming greener nationwide – could take a lesson from the work that is being undertaken in the UK today.  The first White Paper on the natural environment was released by Britain’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which seeks to “urge businesses and communities to work with the Government to formulate a new economic outlook that views the environment as a top priority.”Sammy Ofer had already begun this process through the operations of the Ofer Brothers which only operates within the “most stringent national and international standards of pollution reduction.”  Research and implementation of green policies in England actually discovered that “nature [is] an invaluable economic asset.”  This kind of work is resulting in an economy that is greener as well as “a new task force to help trade in green goods and services,” which is in tandem with the policies of the Ofer Brothers.Through this potential new law, according to Caroline Spelman (UK Environment Secretary) the aim is to become “the first generation to leave the environment in better condition than we found it.”

Working Towards a Greener World

Through its various businesses, the Ofer Brothers have been working towards a greener world, and has been rewarded for this through awards such as winning “multiple Beautiful Industry awards for cleanliness and aesthetics.”  Indeed, Sammy Ofer made commitments to “ecological strategies” in this vein as well in his lifetime. 

Dan Kazan

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