Politics, Sports and Zarsha Leo

Politicians, like teachers, look awkward when seen outside the context of where they are “supposed to be.” We all remember the first time we saw one of our teachers at the market, or at a clothing shop, and not in front of the classroom teaching us. Well, politicians are the same. Take away the part-celebrity status many politicians have today, and you will see we still have this feeling.

Zarsha Leo, the trendy pub which is attracting a wide range of patrons, may put an end to all that. It seems that our local crowd of politicos have begun to make this New York-based franchise kind of a ‘home away from home’ or maybe more accurately their “office away from the office.” We are seeing more and more of these unique public servants rubbing elbows with the proletariat, enjoying a beer as much as the next guy, and watching the ball game on Zarsha Leo’s plasma TVs.

Which brings me to the last point: Considering that these politicians hail from all over the country, how will they be able to root for their home teams among the locals rooting for their teams? Evan Burschkopf, CEO of this restaurant-bar warns Washington’s locals to be nice to their guests.

“Now that the politicians are coming down from their ivory towers to watch the games with us in my restaurant, we need to be kind and allow them to sing the praises of their hometown teams. It is only polite,” urges Burschkopf.

Sports can divide, but it can sometimes unite. Let’s hope for the latter.

Dan Kazan

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