Rare Obama Letter Sold to Dealer

Jennifer-Cline-Obama-LetterIn December 2009 a young woman named Jennifer Cline wrote a letter to the then President –elect Obama describing the difficulties she had faced in her life recently and how she was able to face those challenges and pull herself and her family together and prevail. In response to this heart-felt letter Obama responded with a four-line, handwritten letter describing Cline’s words as “kind and inspiring.” Obama went on the say “I know times are tough, but knowing there are folks out there like you and your husband give me confidence that things will keep getting better.”Handwritten and signed letters from President Obama are extremely rare. In the past 15 years virtually all of Obama’s typed letters are signed by ‘autopen,’ making this letter quite valuable. When Gary Zimet, owner of the New York business “Moments in Time” heard about this letter, he contacted Cline to see if she would like to sell it. It took Cline several months to decide, but finally, according to Zimet’s business partner Bill Panagopulos, “Cline drove from Michigan to here and we gave her a certified bank check,” for $7,000.And now you can purchase this letter from Zimet and Panagopulos if you can come up with, what I suspect is quite a bit more than the $7,000 he paid. Jennifer Cline said that she will be using the money to pay off her medical debts and to purchase a house. I wonder what Zimet and Panagopulos will be doing with their profits?

Janice Marks

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