Reade Griffith: Playing Games is Serious Work on New Series

Reade Griffith, co-founder of Polygon, and investment manager of Tetragon, appeared in early September 2017, on Institutional Investor’s newly launched series, War Stories Over Board Games. The series invites legendary personalities from the world of finance to choose an appropriate board game to illustrate some principles of finance they would like to discuss with the series’ host, Kip McDaniel. McDaniel is the chief content officer and editorial director of Institutional Investor.

Reade Griffith chose the popular strategic war game of world conquest, ‘Risk’ to dual it out with McDaniel. Several interesting discussions ensued, beginning with learning from Reade of his participation in the First Gulf War. Griffith served with the infantry in the Marine Corp as an intelligence officer. He explained how his training to observe and understand the tactics of the enemy prepared him for a life in investing. Dealing with crisis and emergencies on the battlefield taught him to stay calm and to think clearly, another good characteristic of a professional, successful investor.

The discussion then progressed to the European fiscal crisis of 2015, begun by the peripheral countries of Europe, primarily Greece. After a thorough explanation of that crisis, the subject matter turned to China and the crisis which investors had to live through there. Griffith explained how investors overly reacted to a downturn in the market which came on the heels of a huge upturn, and how he and his company reacted to the China market crash.

Gail Nussbaum

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