Reaping Teen Screen Benefits

Most people these days are aware of how important it is to cover up with sun screen in an effort to facilitate the protection of skin against skin cancer.  But there are still some people – often teenagers who might not be as responsible as their parents would like – who are not taking this seriously enough.  This is when Teen Screen comes into play.  The objective of Teen Screen is to build awareness amongst teenagers as to the importance of wearing sunscreen.Teen Screen focuses on promoting the cause amongst “high school athletic teams.”  The organization now has “official Teen Screen chapters” in four states of America: California, Florida, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.  The chapters are equipped with substantial resources to help their cause – to educate teenagers on this important subject.  Teenagers are presented with “skin cancer information cards and single-use sunscreen packets for distribution at presentations.”

Increasing Skin Care Awareness

What’s probably most useful in preventive care against skin cancer is building awareness.  Teenagers are likely the most vulnerable group since it is teens who often believe they are invincible.  But what Teen Screen tries to do is make them aware of just how simple it is to get extra protection.  What many people across the board (all ages) are also unaware of is how important it is to use sunscreen all year round.  You can get skin cancer on days that are cloudy and hazy as ultraviolet (UV) rays can reach you at all times.  So wearing sunscreen from January through to December is advisable.

Teen Screen is able to carry out its tasks so well thanks to other organizations which believe in its cause.  It has received donations from both the National Melanoma Awareness Project and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.  Through the generosity of these organizations, Teen Screen is able to educate teenagers on the importance of using sunscreen, which probably indirectly leads to significant skin cancer preventive care.


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