Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Drug Company in Vaccine Lawsuit

In 1986 Congress established a special vaccine court to offer compensation to those few people each year who suffer severe side effects from routine vaccinations which are universally administered throughout the country. Not only was this court established to help those damaged by vaccines, but also to make it impossible for lawsuits to be filed against drug companies when damages occur, thus protecting the companies from outlandish lawsuits, giving them protection to continue to manufacture vaccines without fear of huge lawsuits against them.Unfortunately the system did not work for the family of Hannah Bruesewitz, who suffered severe seizures after receiving her routine DPT shot at 6 months old, leaving her severely brain damaged. The Bruesewitz family filed a claim in the special vaccine court, but was denied a settlement. The denial led them to sue Wyeth, the manufacturer of the vaccine, which had also damaged 65 other children, saying that the company could have provided a safer vaccine.Today the Supreme Court decided in a 6-2 vote that the Brueswitz family does not need to be compensated by the vaccine manufacture. Their position, which is how the courts have been ruling all along, is that the vaccine compensation program is where they need to turn for compensation, and not the courts.”Childhood vaccines are among the greatest medical breakthroughs of the last century,” said the American Academy of Pediatrics president, Dr. O. Marion Burton. “Today’s Supreme Court decision protects children by strengthening our national immunization system and ensuring that vaccines will continue to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in this country.”Robie Bruesewitz, Hannah’s mother obviously is of another opinion, stating at the beginning of the case that “Someone has to be responsible for this. We should have been taking our daughter to college this fall,” her mother told CBS News last October. “If she would have been a normally, typically developing child, she’d be going to college.”

Alyssa Anderson

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