Wynston Hill Capital Named Lead Banker by Smith Electric Vehicles U.S.

Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. has contracted with Wynston Hill Capital LLC to act as SEV US’s main investment banker.  In addition to giving financial backing to SEV US Wynston Hill Capital will assist and advise Smith Electric Vehicles as needed.The Tanfield Group owns 49% of SEV US as well as owning the United Kingdom based branch of SEV. SEV UK is the leading global producer of electric, commercial, street-ready vehicles; having been  involved in converting conventional vehicles to electric-battery driven vehicles for almost 90 years.SEV US has recently been working closely with the Ford Motor Company to manufacture Ford’s first entirely electric automobile. The goal of Ford Motor is to produce a zero-emissions light-duty work van which will base its design on the Ford Transit Connect global platform.The terms of the licensing agreement made with the Tanfield Group stipulate that Smith Electric Vehicles US will be entitled to the intellectual property rights in North America which are connected to the entire SEV US product line offerings. Because 51% of SEV US will indeed be owned in the US, Smith Electric Vehicles will be eligible for funding from federal and regional sources which support and promote the production of zero-emissions electric cars, vans and trucks.Corey Singman of Wynston Capital expressed excitement at the prospect of partnering with Smith Electric Vehicle, as he stated:  “Wynston Hill Capital is pleased to be working with Smith Electric Vehicles U.S., a company in the vanguard of green technology that reduces our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. Smith Vehicles are in operation today around the world. We look forward to helping Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. establish its North American operations in order to capitalize on the opportunity for zero-emission, fully-electric, street-ready, commercial vehicles.”

Dan Kazan

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